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Truck Tire Blowouts: How Do Truck Tires Cause Accidents?

Truck tire blowouts are a harrowing and potentially catastrophic event on the road. The sudden loss of tire pressure can lead to loss of control, rollovers, and collisions, posing significant risks to both truck drivers and other road users. In this article, we delve into the causes and consequences of truck tire blowouts, shedding light

Box Truck Accidents

What You Need to Know about Box Truck Accidents

Box trucks are a type of truck that is common on roadways in Metro Atlanta. These trucks deliver goods including packages, mail, furniture, and merchandise. Box trucks are certainly useful, but they are also difficult to drive due to their size and weight. Sadly, this results in numerous box truck accidents each year on Metro

How Dangerous are Pickup Truck Accidents?

Pickup trucks are incredibly useful, especially if you live in a rural area, have kids, or need to haul things on a regular basis. Pickup trucks are also often viewed as being safer due to their structure and size. Unfortunately, however, even drivers and passengers in pickup trucks are not immune from the dangers of

What to Do after an Accident with a Dump Truck

Any type of auto accident can be traumatic and devastating. But the physical and mental effects of an accident are even worse when a dump truck is involved. Dump trucks are large, heavy vehicles that haul tons of materials. When they collide with a smaller vehicle, the results are disastrous. While most of us never

Types and Causes of Log Truck Accidents

Log trucks are a common sight on Georgia roadways, especially rural roadways where clearing and development occur, or where there are paper or sawmills. While there is always a risk when driving near larger vehicles, logging trucks have some unique hazards that can make it very dangerous if an accident occurs. At Embry Law Truck

Cattle Truck Accidents

5 Reasons Cattle Truck Accidents Occur

If you have ever driven around rural parts of Georgia, you know how common it is to see farms and ranches, cattle trucks and trailers, and even livestock barns. Georgia is an agricultural state, which means cattle and other livestock trucks are common on many roadways. During the summer months when livestock is more likely

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